Hide Takeda’s Unified Artistry in Sushi:
A Team’s Mastery of Fish Aging and Authentic Sushi

Owner-chef Hide Takeda of “Sushi Takeda” began his culinary journey at the age of 17, when he knocked on the doors of a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kobe. While immersed in the rigorous training of Japanese cuisine, he was captivated by Western culture, including music and fashion, through stories from a senior colleague who had returned from a working holiday. This inspiration fueled his determination to one day venture to America.

While mastering the art of Japanese cuisine and sushi, and saving funds, Takeda fulfilled his long-held dream of moving to the United States at the age of 33. In Los Angeles, he worked at a popular sushi restaurant, learning American sushi innovations like the California roll, while integrating his Japanese culinary skills to create dishes that resonate with the American palate.

In 2019, Takeda faced a turning point. The pandemic led to his departure from the sushi restaurant where he had been employed. A loyal customer, hearing of this, requested Takeda to cater sushi, offering to purchase all the necessary tools. This opportunity led to the start of his catering business for omakase sushi courses. As his reputation grew through word of mouth and he established an Instagram account, he expanded his business by accepting orders for takeout sushi boxes and bara chirashi online.

Around this time, Takeda reconnected with a former client, now a business partner, through Instagram, and together they launched “Sushi Hide,” a takeout-only sushi establishment. However, shortly after opening, Takeda had to take a month’s leave for wrist surgery, followed by another month and a half due to severe illness from COVID-19.

These challenges made Takeda realize the importance of teamwork rather than individual effort. He decided to relaunch his sushi business as a team under the name “Sushi Takeda.” Sharing his recipes and techniques with his disciples, he aimed to offer sushi crafted by the team to a broader clientele. The change from “Sushi Hide” to “Sushi Takeda,” taking after his family name, marked an evolution born from Takeda’s realization of his limitations when working alone. He takes pride in the fact that by passing on his skills to his disciples and their ability to replicate those skills, “Sushi Takeda” can serve its delicacies to an ever-growing customer base. In an era where industries face a shortage of successors, Takeda believes that nurturing young talent is a vital social contribution.

Hide Takeda’s refined technique in aging fish and the intricate skills of Japanese authentic cuisine, honed in Japan, have garnered acclaim for his “omakase.” The reputation has reached the East Coast, leading to features in the New York Times and the Michelin Guide in 2022. Despite its glamorous accolades, “Sushi Takeda” remains committed to providing unpretentious, authentic Edomae-style sushi, continuously striving for excellence.

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